Website Development

Our strong 5 step web design process


Step 1. The Initial Meeting

We will learning about you and your brand, your visions about your website. We then put together a profile with things that you like and dislike about websites.

roadmap to

Step 2. Outline of Collected Data

The information that we collected at the first meeting organized in a way that explains how we proceed with the design project.

graphic design

Step 3. Our Creativity Takes Over

We add in all of the ingredients that we spoke about all of our conversations and start to turn them into a visual masterpiece.

authorization of
the design

Step 4. Prelaunch Testing and Proof Reading

We will provide you with a sample website so your team can review. This step is where you can ask to add or subtract elements or verbiage to suit your needs.

finishing touches for launch

Step 5. Launching and promoting

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