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A brief descrition of our services

Every web site that we build has SEO tools built in so you can easily control your own strategy

Creating cool websites with SEO built in

With increasing technology and mobile devices becoming ever so popular, you need a website that is responsive so that it looks great no matter what device your visitor is using. We build our websites with this in mind, knowing that no matter what your website will be availible to view at any moment of time.

Our websites are all built with an initial organic search engine optimization so you can start getting traffic to your website within days. We will schedule training sessions to help you drive your website to success. When we turn your site over to you, rest asure you will no be lost with all of the technical jargon but will feel confident that you can keep your site on track.

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Computer graphics for every situation logos, letterhead, businesscards

Stunning computer graphic design

Computer graphic play a large role in sales. If your business is not retaining or seems to be failing maybe you should consider the design concepts your using. A logo can be an eye catcher or an eye sore. The use of multiple colors can also work in a negative manner when someone is viewing your company. A good graphic deisgner knows how to use their tools to and creativity to express your company goals.

Graphic design is more than art. Its getting the eyes to flow easily across the page, text placement, and drawing your attention to unforgettable information. We practice this with each project and will be excited to show you what we can do for you.


Billboards, magazine ads, fliers, and other print media ideas

Professional help with visual advertisements

Everybody loves to see art in some way. Many people are not sure how important it is that our printed ads are of a high level. Studies have shown that people respond better to advertisments that are visually compelling. The proper use of color, images, and text can take your project from being thrown away to here to stay. With over 14 years of graphic design experience we can provide your project with the touch that it needs to leave that wanted impression.

Make your ideas stand above the rest with our professional advice and help. Menus, brochures, mailers, magazine ads, flyers, you name it we have done it. Maybe your idea is out side of the norm, contact us today and lets discuss the transformation of your assignment.


Limited time free website hosting for every website we design

Offline to Online in No time

Developing a new website can take some time because not all sites are built from free website templates. The planning is only an intial step in getting your website out to the public. Most people don’t realize they will need a domain name registered (www.xtracredit.com) and hosting (someplace to store their files). We can assist you with every step in the process to make certain that your website goes live with no issues.

We offer support to any and all websites that we develope and host. If you are having any issue with your website that we host we will go in and fix it absolutely free. We also provide SEO assistance as well as webmaster services for an additonal monthly fee.

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Our Vision

Guidelines we take into consideration

Austin Pen & Pixel would like to set a standard for visually compelling website design. Fun and interactive websites cause visitors to return, and this is our main goal for each website. If your needs are to inform, convert visitors to customers, or sell products we want to make each individual feel great about the experience they have at one of our websites. After all, returning visitors makes business owners smile.

Why choose us

Website Redesign

We will evaluate your website. Then will devise a plan to bring your website up to date with technology as well as a new desgin. We will discuss a strategy for success to get your website to a level at which you are comfortable with. We work with you and advise you of the best possible coarse to get your website back on track.

Branding Your Business

Understanding your target audience is something most of us have not really considered. Your business look should be appealing to you and the people who you are marketing to. We will identify your market, research your competitors, and consult you on our findings. Then we will gather input from you on your business and start designing based on our researched findings. Once we have a look that works we will build a culture around your brand. This typically includes businesscards, letterheads, and envelopes.

E commerce Solutions

You need someone experienced in bringing your store to the forefront and assist you with the lesser thought about things. You already have a lot of work to do with considering prices, taxes, products, sizes, shapes, color, etc. With our help we can determine the best way to get your products online, the most cost efficient way of running your store online, even down to the maintance and upkeep. We offer 90 days of continued assistance to help you get confortable with every aspect of your new store. We can even point you in the right direction when it comes to collecting payments as well.