inspired thoughts

Our adventures in web developement

Includes html, css, php, javascript, jquery, and other interesting topics on getting and gaining a website. Beware this is just my inspired thoughts and you are welcome to have a difference in opinion. If something here doesn’t work for you please keep searching because you should be able to find a clue to do what you want to do. Again this blog is just inspired by experiences I have had developing websites.

Working and Fitness

Just about complete with the new website. Really excited for the launch and I know the owners are as well. The website features some pretty cool animations and gives out some great tips on getting fit, well at least sexy fit that is. The website was built to have the trainers personal schedule of classes so if you find out you have some extra time and want to get some crossfit training ...

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New Year New Look

Well this year has began and I must say that I have finally gotten a chance to upgrade my own website. I have a lot of plans for this year including my thoughts on various different things. As a small business owner here in Indianapolis, Indiana I have found out a thing or two about working from home, balancing family, church, and company time. Its tough, but if your diciplined and determined you ...

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